Droid in Pictures

And here we are with the pictures I promised. I wanted to post them quickly so I didn't forget. Note that not all Droids look this cool, We have an added red hard case that mounts to the device easily and should protect it. We have also installed a screen protector.

The Phone has a 5MP camera with a flash, and a standard audio jack for listening with standard headphones.

The Droid has three keyboards; Two software keyboards for then the phone is held in portrait and landscape mode, and a physical slide keyboard.

For a closer look at what a Droid can do, here are a few screenshots of some apps in action. This is running an Operating System called Android 2.1. (An Operating System is like Windows or Linux, except Android is made by Google for phones)

Here we have the three home screens on the Droid. These are highly customizable and can contain Apps, widgets and folders. On the left you see several Apps, in the middle a Google Search widget and a Facebook widget, and on the right, a settings app and a System Toggle widget.

Here we have the contacts list, and a phone call in progress. A must have for a phone. Calls work even when you hold it like a phone :)

On the Android Market, there are about 65000 apps to date, with more being added daily. Some are free, some are paid. Some are useful, some highly productive, and some just for fun. Below we have a screenshot of the Android Market, in the middle a shot of multiple apps after being installed on the Droid, and to the left, we see Google Maps GPS Navigation, mapping our trip to Snowbird Ski Lodge.

YouTube is a must, as well as a Light Saber app that makes the official light saber humming noises as well as fighting sounds when your phone is held like a light saber and swung. Labyrinth is a game that is controlled by the position in which the phone is held. Poke a mole is pretty self explanatory.

Here we have the Gallery app, which lists the photos on the Droid in a fun and organized way. Select an album and flip through all your memories.

Browsing the internet is also an awesome feature of this mobile device. The Droid features a full browser that can also be used to view the mobile version of each site. My preference is the full bowser experience. 

And last but not least, Pandora is a must show app. The music service streams music right to the Droid and the music can be listened to from the amazing external speakers or through standard headphones.

Please post your comments or questions about the Droid. In my opinion, this phone rocks. What do you think?


Shalynn and I decided to purchase new phones this year for our birthdays. Of course it is time to upgrade to something awesome so on a whim we headed to Verizon to take a look. Don't get me wrong we have been researching for a while.

We are holding off for a few weeks for my phone but we went ahead and got a Droid for Shalynn. I am posting from it right now actually. The phone it really cool: 65000 applications tons of which are free, free GPS navigation, mobile browsing and a million other cool things. I will post some pictures and more information soon.

I will be getting a Droid X which will come out on July 15th and I will give you a full review then. I'm pretty excited.