You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do

I have found a reason to blog: I have been issued a challenge that I must meet. Its simple really, if I want to do something, I just have to assume that someone thinks I can't, and then I will be seven types of motivated to follow through. I basically need to feel that what I am doing is a challenge, then I can give it my all. The reward for winning doesn't even have to be great, just the satisfaction of winning is all I need (most of the time). Note: Some say I'm pretty competitive when it comes to games and the like... I don't know what they are talking about :)

Okay, so back to the challenge: Water. That's right, Water. More specifically, Only Water. For the next two weeks, I am giving up all high sugar, high calorie and high sodium drinks that I normally consume and replacing them with water. The goal is to see how big of a difference that single change in my diet and lifestyle will effect me and my body in only 14 days. There are a few guidelines I am following to keep me on course and to help me out:

- I can consume water, milk, and low calorie drinks such as light lemonade and Powerade Zero (of course water must be my primary liquid)

- I cannot change anything else about my lifestyle or diet unless I feel compelled to (If the great desire to exercise, for example, comes to me, I will attribute the desire to my water consumption and thereby any results from my exercise will have resulted from drinking water)

- I will drink at least a glass of water upon waking in the morning to get my metabolism going and to help generate a habit for water.

- My fallback drink will be Powerade Zero, Lemonade and if I must, Juice (in small quantities). All of these must be reported and must be a backup only. By this, I mean I must have something to 'fall back' on so that I don't just go buy a Pepsi to quench my craving in a moment of weakness. I must have a few allowances.

- I will post something about water, soda and my experiences every day for two weeks.

- I will record my weight everyday to see incremental progress

So there you have it. I have started today, August 30, 2010 and I will go until Monday September 13, 2010 (or maybe even longer).

Today's Weight (7am): 222.4