Dangit GameStop, bane of my existence! Why tempt ye me? Knowest thou that the righteous yieldeth to no such temptations? Okay, okay actually I have been tempted and I have yielded. I stop in at that store quite often and I honestly don't know why. I guess I like to find a deal on a used game or two, or just bask in the glory of the gaming world. The problem: I can always find about 100 things I want and I either can't get them, or I end up getting them anyway.

Most gamers have what is called their "Pile of Shame" which is basically a list (or pile) of games that a gamer owns or has played (borrowed) but has not finished. Some games in a gamers pile of shame include games that are not opened yet (which doesn't sound bad but it is when the game has been owned for months or even years). My pile isn't as big as some but it is big enough that I feel shamed. So here is a list of my UNFINISHED games:

Army of Two
Assassins Creed
Call of Duty 4
Dance Dance Revolution Universe
Fallout 3
Forza Motorsports 2
Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Halo 3
Halo 3 ODST
The Impossible Game
Lego: Batman
Lego: Star Wars
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Need for Speed Pro Street
The Orange Box
Red Faction: Guerrilla
Resident Evil 5
Trials HD

Sadly, there may be more that I am not remembering at the moment.(Some of these games I have finished, but I had to reset my xbox and lost all my game data, so I'm going to play them again)  My goal is to work my way through this list and complete each game so I am no longer shamed. These are some great games and I want to play them. The hard part: there are always new games and new deals to distract me.  I'm going to make a Pile of Shame box on the side of my blog to show my progress and I'll upodate you every so often. Ready, Set, GAME!

Shame - Matchbox 20

What we learned here is love tastes bitter when it's gone
Past yourself forget the light, things look dirty when it's on
Funny how it comes to pass, that all the good slips away
And there's no one around you can remember being good to

Shame, shouldn't try you, couldn't step by you
And open up more
Shame, shame, shame

What we lost here is something better left alone
Second steps have been forgotten, will you tell me how
They go
Set yourself, situate, like a fool try again
There's no one around you can remember being good, for you

Shame, shouldn't try you, couldn't step by you
And open up more
Shame, shame, shame
Shame, shouldn't try you, couldn't step by you
And open up more
Shame, shame, shame

We never thought we'd get so troubled
We could never think that much
It should never get this bad

So let the wind blow ya, across a big floor
But there's no one around who can tell us what we're here
Funny in a certain light, how we all look the same
And there's no one in life you can remember ever stood
For you


Can You Hear Me?

This blogpost is being dictated using windows speech recognition.  It has taken a while to get used to dictating to the computer.  I think even typing one hand may have been faster, but hopefully the computer will learn my voice and this will soon become much easier.  I do think it is quite brilliant that we're able to convert speech to text so quickly.  Most people would have given up by now but I guess that's what makes me a geek.

I sat down with the intention to write about something different and remembered this awesome feature so my other topic went out the window.  It will have to wait for another day.

Speech recognition is not a new thing but it is still in its early stages.  So many improvements can be made and eventually may not even need a keyboard or mouse.  The days of star trek, star wars, minority report and iron man with eventually come and will become even more lazy.  But until then, speech recognition will be my little toy.

Years ago my friend Sam and I messed around with speech recognition and left it running through an entire conversation with some of his friends.  Some of the dictation was perfect.  Some was OK.  Some were downright hilarious.  We laughed for hours about that and it never got old.  I want to give you a sample.  I'm going to read my last geek tip so you can get an idea of some of the funny things speech recognition will hear.  Here goes:

Keep chip: do not injure yourself.  Ever.  The reports are what make you a key.  The hand for example is required for the use of a keyboard, mouse, Xbox controller, tables, and many more vital pieces of tech equipment.  The fun is needed for opening soda cans.  Lakes; transportation to GameStop.  The west can go on.  The orange when breaking any part of your body will require more effort and willpower to complete even simple key tasks.  King with one hand is possible, but she may be permitted to only one or two games.  Java into the video game stores possible without legs, but will require the invention of depression over that.

There you have it.  Some is pretty good but you can probably pick out some pretty funny stuff.  Hopefully the computer will learn my voice and faster otherwise typing with one hand may be the better option.

Can You Hear Me

Hey can You hear Me
Are You really out there
Oh I am trapped in the cages
Of the scars I must bear
And I can't tell and I can't speak
I can't even repeat what it is
Hey can You see Me
See these hollowing eyes
Don't You think something is missing
In My calm peaceful smile
But I can't tell and I can't speak
I can't even repeat what is


U + UR Hand

So, they have to take the hand off. I broke it beyond repair and all my efforts to heal like Wolverine have failed. One cool thing, I have claws now too! I'm sure using them would hurt like none other, but if I am attacked in the parking lot, I'll know what to do. Here are my attack weapons:

There is no need to waste a great opportunity to figure out what I would do if they did end up removing my hand. Having nothing at the end of my arm is a waste and just isn't right. So here are a few of my ideas for useful replacements. Tell me what you think and any other suggestions you may have. And mind you, the editing was done with my left hand (with which I am currently very happy but with which I am usually displeased).